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Why Buy Used?
Most people buy used versus new autos primarily to save
money. 1 to 3 year old cars, especially the highly equipped
ones, can depreciate 20 - 60% in that time period which can
equate to some pretty expensive transportation costs. After that
time period annual depreciation may be as little as 6 - 10% of
the original sales price which is a transportation value even if
you do end up spending a little more on maintenance. With a
used auto you will also save on tax, registration and insurance.
These vehicles are often still covered by factory warranties and
almost always eligible for extended
Warranty purchase.
Some people choose used autos because they like to drive
something different every year or two which can be extremely
costly if they buy new. Some people buy used because they
find it a simpler and less stressful purchasing process than
dealing with New Car Dealerships.
Where Do You Get Your Cars?
I buy from the Wholesale Market where all dealers and brokers
buy from. This is where big companies like Bank of America,
Wells Fargo, GMAC, Ford Financial Services, Toyota Financial
Services, Nissan Corp. and others sell their lease return,
special program and executive cars, and where dealers
exchange trade-in inventory. Autos are usually sold in an
auction setting to reflect the daily price/inventory fluctuations.
These sales are open to dealers and brokers only. Brokers can
only sell to other brokers or dealers. Dealers can sell to anyone.
What Kind of Autos Do You Specialize In?
I can get you nearly any car, truck, van or SUV. The more
common the vehicle the quicker, often in a matter of days. More
unique autos, options or older cars in great condition may take
a week or two or three or more and may require a regional or
national search. Even though I usually sell 1 -4 year old
vehicles I have sold some "classics". Go ahead and pick a hard
one. I love a good challenge!
Select Your Auto
How Can You Price a Car You Don't Even Have Yet?
Great question! My Wholesale Networking System allows me to
research all wholesale transactions over the last month locally,
regionally or nationally. So by the time we talk for the first time
after you
Select Your Auto , I have a general idea of what the
market is for your auto. I can then work with you in one of two
SET PRICE: This is where I quote you a price on
the vehicle you want based on a $600 - $1000 mark
up over my expected cost. In an auction setting I
take on the risk of daily price fluctuations based on
the demand for that auto. You approve a set price
and I go to work to get you the vehicle you want. To
get a FREE estimated price just simply
Select Your
FEE PRICE: This is where I charge you a set fee
over my cost for the auto you choose allowing you
to know exactly what you paid over dealer cost. The
fee is $700 for cars that sell under $20K. I research,
preview, and purchase on your behalf. In an auction
setting you tell me the top dollar to bid and you keep
the savings if it goes for less. You get a car or truck
at nearly the same price that dealers are buying it
for. If you want to know what your auto is going for
Select Your Auto
Fee Price is the only option for purchases outside of
Southern California. The fees may also be larger
and due upfront for national purchases or for very
high priced or rare vehicles.
Can I See a Car Before You Buy?
In some cases the cars can be viewed by guests of the dealer
before they go on sale. When this is possible I strongly
encourage you to review one or more autos at that location with
me. Guests are not allowed on premises however on sale day.
UPDATE: As of 10/1/05 all Manheim auction locations have a
new policy that no one who is not a licensed dealer with proof
that they are registered with the auction as such will be
permitted onto any auction locations at anytime.  I have enjoyed
taking customers to the auction sites and regret that I will no
longer be able to privide that service.  I do still get a condition
report on most cars a few days before the auction, and in San
Diego preview them and take pictures the day before the
auction, and when out of town usually see them the day of the
What If I Don't Know Exactly What Car I Want?
Great! Contact Me. Based on what kind of auto you're
generally interested in, I'll be able to suggest some particularly
good buys. Some Manufacturers may sell more of their vehicles
in one region than another. There are a few that really do a lot
in San Diego which means even better prices. Call me. I love
giving free advice about cars!
Are There Any Hidden Costs?
If you are buying in the state of California you will be
responsible for state tax and all DMV fees. The only other
expenses are a $55.00 Doc fee and $58.25 smog and
certificate fees. That's it. NO Advertising Fee, NO Auto Prep
Fee and NO Travel Fee.
Who Is Your Service Good For?
Way Better Auto is a great service for anyone who wants an
easy, convenient, no pressure way to get a great deal on a
quality used car, truck, van or SUV.
However if you can relate to one of the following, you surely
have some admiral traits and are probably a great person, but
the service may not be of as much value to you:
  • You love the art of negotiating and pursue every
    opportunity to fine tune your skills. The tougher
    the salesman, the better.
  • You routinely buy every add-on for a car the
    dealer suggests giving you some expensive
    extras and them some impressive profit margins.
  • You get a kick out of driving all over town
    searching out the exact car to buy feeling that
    the longer it takes and the more work it is then
    the better deal it must be.
  • You need to sit in 4 silver Toyota Camry LEs
    before you can make a decision on which one
    really wants to go home with you.
If you are one of the above and feel that I may be able to offer
any information to help you make an informed decision,
Contact Me anyway. I love to talk cars!
Buying Tips
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Why Buy Used?
Where Do You Get Your Cars?
What Kind of Autos Do You Specialize In?
How Can You Price a Car You Don't Even Have Yet?
Can I See a Car Before You Buy It?
Am I Obligated to Buy?
What If I Don't Know Exactly What Car I Want?
Are There Any Hidden Costs?
Who Is Your Service Good For?