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A Great Way to buy your next quality used
auto in San Diego or Orange County.
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Why Way Better AUTO ?

PRICE: Ever wonder why there is usually a $2500 to $5000 difference
between Wholesale price and Retail price on the average recent model
used auto? Are Used Car Lots making a killing? NO. That is what they
need to make on each car to cover the high expenses of a prime rent
location, large financed inventory, commissioned sales staff, management
and administrative personnel and still make a profit.
Because Way Better  Auto is primarily an Auto Buying Service, the
location is modest, the inventory is usually only a few vehicles, and the
staff is ...well ... ME.... I can offer those same vehicles with only about a
$600 - $1000 mark up. Let me show you.
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CONVENIENCE: Do you think the Big Lots are too expensive, or don't
have enough selection of what YOU want so you prefer to buy from private
owners? Doesn't it seem that every time you do your research in the paper
or on-line that the ones you think sound good are always on the other side
of town? If you really followed up on them all it would take days or weeks
to fit it into your schedule. And isn't it also right that the one that sounds
"too good to be true" usually is?

Way Better  Auto I do the research, preview the autos, purchase
them at wholesale, have them smogged, mechanically checked out and
detailed, and then bring the vehicle to you. I also handle all the DMV work.
Some people would buy from me even if my prices were as high as the Big
Boys. Check out some
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SERVICE: I love cars and love to help people make auto buying decisions.
NO Pressure, NO Gimmicks, NO Up-sales and NO Add-ons. Whether you
are a savvy car buyer looking for a great deal, or you aren't sure what kind
of car you want and hate the purchasing process all together, I offer you a
quick and easy, comfortable and enjoyable experience and a great car,
truck, van or SUV. Why don't you
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Because of a dispute with a large corporation regarding their concern that
some customers may confuse with a term that they
use, you are being redirected to formerly  Let me be clear that I have never worked for and am
not in any way affiliated with any other dealership and any confusion which I
doubt ever existed was unintentional.  I have independently and proudly
served So Californians with the consulting, purchasing and sales of used
vehicles.  Some of this website is still under construction.  Thank you