Warranties at only $99 over Wholesale Cost!

Most dealers mark up warranties by hundreds of dollars, sometimes by as much as 100%. Better Way Auto offers plans for only $99 over Wholesale pricing for qualifying vehicles.

I offer 4 plans from Royal Protect. For cars with under 60K miles, I recommend the Ultimate coverage. For not much more than the price of basic coverage, you get an exclusionary product which means rather than getting a list of items that are covered like most plans, the policy states that everything is covered other than a few printed exclusions. The coverage is also transferable and includes towing and rental. See a brochure

For cars with higher miles or drivers that put high miles on cars the same company offers the Sentinel plan that covers the engine, transmission, AC, cooling, fuel system and electrical for up to 100K additional miles over what your car already has. This coverage is transferable and includes towing and rental. See a brochure

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